Magic Dino Egg-Dig Kit (3+Years)

Dhs. 55 Dhs. 66

Step back in time and embark on an epic archaeological adventure with our Dino Egg Dig Kit. Each set includes a dozen mysterious dinosaur eggs waiting to reveal their hidden treasures.

Break Open the Past: Crack open the eggs to unveil miniature dinosaur fossils, igniting the imagination of young paleontologists. It's an exciting journey through time, right in the palm of your hand.

Educational Excitement: Not only is this kit thrilling, but it also offers educational value. Learn about different dinosaur species as you uncover their fossils, fostering a love for science and history.

Adventure Awaits: Perfect for solo explorations or group adventures, our Dino Egg Dig Kit promises hours of excitement. Get ready to dig, discover, and delight in the world of dinosaurs!


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